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House in Highgate, London

We were asked to look at the refurbishment of this house designed by Neave Brown in 1965.

The house had been sold by Neave Brown to our client, who wanted a sympathetic approach that would be part conservation of some of the important features and finishes of the original house and part reinterpretation in a modern idiom.

The layout was kept as is, and we designed new bathrooms and kitchen, new fitted furniture and lighting and heating. Neave Brown's use of plywood was continued in the kitchen and fitted joinery, and the floors were replaced with plywood to match the original. We also made some discreet improvements to the windows (double glazing) and to the roof insulation to improve the performance of the house.

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  • In 2014, Neave Brown's Winscombe Street was listed. See feature in Building Design online.