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House in Holland Park, London

The maisonette, remodelled and refurbished by Kilburn Nightingale, occupies the upper floors of a traditional Victorian terraced house in Holland Park.

The top floor and roof have been opened up to form a large living space on three levels - the main floor, comprising living room and kitchen, a study space on an intermediate half-landing level and a mezzanine giving onto a south facing roof terrace to the rear. The fully glazed north slope to the roof floods the space with light. Large plate glass windows give views over gardens to the rear while the front windows onto the street have been blocked to maintain privacy. Sliding folding glazed doors enable the entire width of the mezzanine to open completely onto the roof terrace.

The lower floor of the maisonette is laid out as bedrooms and washing rooms. A custom-made oversized bath takes up most of the space in the bathroom and the ton load imposed by the volume of bathwater necessitated a special structural framework to be built into the house.