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Playground Design

St. Paul's Cathedral School

We were asked to look at redesigning the existing main playground for the School. The existing playground has become generally tired and the client specifically wanted to be able to separate different years by having two tiers to the play area.

Our approach was to define the two areas with a striking rubber-clad pink wall that would create shelter and a game - playing surface to the lower level and an extended balcony at the upper level. The lower level is treated as the playground for older children, whereas the upper level is scaled more to suit the younger classes.

Both areas are articulated to provide a number of different 'places' where children can be creative, or reflective. The fence at the back is replaced with a colourful new fence (some of which might be used for drawing on) and a shelter is provided over bench seating as a quiet area.

After some archeological investigation and negotiation with the planners, the scheme now has planning permission.