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House in Holland Park, London

Occupying a prime location at the corner of a square in Holland Park, the existing four-bedroomed family house, whilst generously proportioned, was introspectively arranged and ignored the potential of the outside space to the rear. The refurbishment, along with a new rear extension, aims to restore to the house the well-proportioned and light filled rooms that it deserves and to allow the new owner a more immediate relationship with the sunny garden.

The hall and main staircase, previously dark and enclosed, are opened up to the south with large windows and generous landings. A protective loggia to the rear of the hall allows longer views across the gardens of Holland Park and is linked to a new glass balcony accessible from the large sash windows off the main reception rooms.

At lower ground level the enlarged kitchen / dining room is continued seamlessly out into the paved garden. At the same level a new extension accommodates a steam room with a frameless corner window which intimately connects inside with outside. The battered slate walls and sloping stainless steel ceiling further reduce the sense of conventional enclosure (and save you from being dripped on by condensing steam).

At the top of the house a studio in the roof is left deliberately unadorned with revealed structure and rough timber boarding (to floor and ceiling) simply painted white. The large steel windows afford long views across the gardens and rooftops.

Materials throughout are straightforward and colours natural and muted. Minimal modern elements are unashamedly mixed with period decorative features to create a house that is in sympathy with its past and well suited to comfortable contemporary living.