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Eco-resort, Guludo, Mozambique

Phases I and II

The Guludo eco-resort is located within the newly established Quirimbas National Park. The project aims to bring together high class tourist facilities and ecological concerns within a development agenda. Undertaken in consultation with the local community, a portion of the profits will be ploughed back into the village and district.

The resort is arranged as a series of small-scale buildings strung out along a path in the manner of a traditional village. A central 'hub' consists of the main public buildings sited around an open courtyard, with a covered dining area overlooking the sea. Guests are accommodated in independent bandas arranged north and south of the 'hub' facing directly onto the beach.

The buildings are built using largely local techniques, drawing on local skills and labour, and developed and adapted as necessary to suit the particular form and requirements of the individual buildings. A key element of the design is the use of sustainable energy sources - solar power and heating, methane gas production, compost toilets, and the buildings are designed to maximise natural ventilation and shading.

It is intended that the standard of design, construction, and ecological and developmental responsibility of Guludo eco-resort will be of the highest quality. The resort should be a model for future developments and should be capable of being audited against international standards.


  • BCCB British International Expertise Award Winner
  • 'Tourism for Tomorrow,' Community Benefit Award Winner, Las Vegas

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