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Dabous Giraffe Rock Engravings, Niger

Kilburn Nightingale have been commissioned by TARA (Trust for African Rock Art) and The World Monument Fund to devise a conservation strategy for an important rock art site in the Sahara desert. The site, located north of Agadez in Niger, includes a sandstone outcrop with many images including two remarkably fine engravings of life-size giraffes that are estimated to be between 6,000 and 8,000 years old.

Our work entails the design of simple tourist facilities (a reception building and protective walkways) along with a sustainable management plan for the site as a whole.

Kilburn Nightingale have, along with the Bradshaw Foundation, also been involved in the design and construction of the installation of an aluminium cast of the giraffe engravings which was presented to the Government of Niger and unveiled in Agadez by the Minister of Tourism in early October 2001.