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Let them eat cake

The Architects' Journal, 12 May 1993

by Astragal

'Laurence Graff, purveyor of some of the world's finest jewels, has commissioned the refurbishment of a grand nineteenth-century building to create an opulent new headquarters building in Bond Street, London.

'Designed by architect Cullum and Nightingale, the multi-million-pound scheme uses traditional materials of the highest quality, including Portland stone for the façade, lavish Italian marbles for both interior and exterior and hand-gilded details.

'Cullum and Nightingale claims to have been influenced by the building's 'Empire' style. Mahogany decorated with gilt ormulu beading has been crafted to create display cases, and 16 turned Daino Reale marble columns, streaked with onyx, distinguish the main ground floor salon. As a finishing touch, marble is inlaid into the floor in designs based on originals at Versailles.'