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What's the next big trend for hotel design?

by Richard Nightingale, Director, Cullum and Nightingale

'BD Magazine - Business,' Issue 28, June 09

Illustration: Bill Bragg

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'We are designing a hotel in Mozambique. It has no air conditioning, no piped water, no water sewage system and no electricity, but guests pay hundreds of dollars to stay, and if you sit on the (composting) loo and open the bamboo shutters, the view across the Indian Ocean is to die for.

'While an eco-resort in a tropical paradise seems worlds away from the design of a business hotel in Europe, increasingly, we find our work in Africa is informing our work closer to home.

'Working with the environment, minimising use of precious resources and ensuring independence from service infrastructure is a necessity in Africa and we are realising we cannot afford to ignore these things in Europe. This has meant designing hotel spaces using recycled building and materials, making the most of what is available locally and reducing the use of non-renewable resources.

'I believe an increasing awareness of environmental issues can be harnessed to the necessity of building affordably to create hotels that are more interesting, more individual, more beautiful - and more relevant to our future.'