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Il Restyling di un'Abitazione Vittoriana nel Quartiere di Hackney a Londra

online at 'Elle Decor, Italia'
14 Novembre 2014

by: Marzia Nicolini

photographs: © Charles Hosea

'A nineteenth-century house on four floors becomes a living space full of light and refined details. Inside there are pieces of modern Swedish and contemporary furniture,' reports Marzia Nicolini


1. Architectural details that speak of a past and Victorian bourgeois, such as the marble fireplace and decorations on the ceiling, have been retained during the reconstruction work on Ben Kilburn's house in London. The room includes the iconic blue sofa designed by Inga Sempé for Ligne Roset.

2. The dining room of the Victorian house redeveloped by Ben Kilburn in London encompasses a rectangular oak table, with bench to match. The pair of chairs, however, are plastic by Charles Eames. Also shown, is a grand piano and a vintage rocking chair.

3. In Hackney, a district of north London, the English architect Ben Kilburn has restored a Victorian building from three apartments, creating a spacious family house, where he lives with his wife and three daughters. The bespoke kitchen is in white and grey, with easy communication with the dining room.

4. In a reading and relaxing area, on the first floor of Ben Kilburn's Victorian house, the space is heated by the original double fireplace. The blue sofa is a piece by Inga Sempé for Ligne Roset.

5. Bright and welcoming, the kitchen area on the ground floor of the architect Ben Kilburn's house in London, was made by local craftsmen with natural wood and reclaimed material.

6. Chic and minimal, the dining room on the ground floor of the London house renovated by Ben Kilburn. The reclaimed wooden floor was resealed with a protective wax proof finish.

7. A large double-height glazed wall and a wall equipped for a 'living library' at the rear of Ben Kilburn's Victorian house in London. Above there is mezzanine - a spot to relax with a view of the garden.

8. A vintage cabinet in the Scandinavian style from the fifties is on the mezzanine, offering a corner to relax in, but still with the intimacy of living in the double-height space of this house in London, redeveloped by Ben Kilburn for himself and his family.

9. Eames plastic chairs and a solid table and bench made-to-measure in cherry wood for the bright dining room of the Victorian house redeveloped in the English capital by Ben Kilburn.

10. The bespoke kitchen on the ground floor of the Victorian house of Ben Kilburn is kept within the palette of white and grey, except for section of a playful tiles in yellow above the worktop. The table and stools have been made by local craftsmen.

11. The austere entry to the Victorian house where the architect Ben Kilburn lives with his family on Greenwood Road, London, is enlivened by a yellow front door.

12. The London dwelling has four floors, restored by the designer Ben Kilburn. The architect, who lives here with his family has added an extra volume in chestnut wood at the back, using it as a studio and office with view on the garden.

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[Translated from the original Italian.]

'The charm of Victorian architecture and all the comfort of a house simultaneously characterise this redevelopment project designed by the English architect Ben Kilburn, who has lived here since 2013, in the district of Hackney in London, with his wife and three daughters.

'The structure - a solid nineteenth-century house over four stories in red brick - had been divided into three apartments. Work started, then, with the aim of creating a single environment, "in which the living spaces were bright and open: no closed spaces, dark colours, or tapestries in the style of old England," insists Ben, one of the founders of the studio Kilburn Nightingale Architects.

'To achieve this, the living area is a large double-height living room, and the kitchen opens into a room with a large window overlooking the garden. Here, a simple design leads to a mezzanine flanked by a large library used as a reading corner - a passion of the owners! - and relaxation area. Everything is flooded with natural light.

'As expected, the sleeping area is located on the third floor and in the attic, in the most private and protected part of the home. Finally, the living area has been expanded with the addition of an external room made of cedar wood, at the back of the house, opposite the lounge, where Ben has created his own studio.

'In a warm and homely atmosphere, there are noticeable touches, designed with the watchful eye of the owner and architect: the rosettes on the ceiling and Victorian features have been retained and returned to their original state, while next to a series of custom-made furniture from local carpenters are placed iconic pieces of design as the heavenly Ligne Roset sofa Inga Sempé or famous Plastic Chair by Charles Eames.

'A mix of styles, influences and eras that finds its balance in daily life everyday.'