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FX Magazine, January 2000

by Aidan Walker

'Cullum and Nightingale's design for Warr's, the Harley-Davidson importer on the King's Road, London, since 1924, has finally opened amidst excitement and considerable kurfuffle (FX April 99).

'The £3m building has been 'developed to produce a retail environment which matches the high-calibre engineering skills of the Harley brand', says the publicity. Afficiandos of Italian or Japanese motorcycle engineering might choose to take that to mean that Harley's brand engineering skills are better than those of its motorcycles, although the all-new two-litre engine might make them eat their words.

'The 40,000 sq ft, curved and fully glazed building, which sits just back from the King's Road, displays rows of gleaming hogs sitting on black American walnut flooring. Service, storage, parts, memorabilia and a custom shop complete the offer for Harley nuts, who will come from all over to enjoy.'